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Acne Dressing

Our Acne Dressing is waterproof, comfortable and known for their high adhesion. Made using low low-irritable hot melt adhesive base, our Acne Dressing will not irritate the skin. Acne Dressing is transparent and is quit unnoticeable. Our Acne Dressing conforms to TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and CE. Acne Dressing used for covering the acnes and absorbs secretions.

Directions For Usage :

  • Clean the skin, and wait for drying
  • Paste on the pimple completely
  • Apply at night and remove in the morning
  • 1-2 days, Acnes has been eliminated and no scar

Caution :

  • If you need the make-up, paste it first and then apply make-up over it.
  • Please stop using in case of allergies, swelling and pain.

How to Use?

How to Use?