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Silicone Foam Dressing

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Silicone Foam Dressing that we provide is a soft and low adherent silicone, which is suitable for covering moist wound. Our Silicone Foam Dressing  also maintains a moist wound environment and provides long wear time. Also, it is painless on removal. The transparent polyurethane film of our Silicone Foam Dressing is provided in order to make it moisture and bacteria resistant. Our Silicone Foam Dressing allows optimal moisture vapor transmission as well.

Indications :

  • Suitable use during heavily exuding, such as:
  • Ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • First/Second degree burns Advantages
  • Painless on Removal
  • High Absorbency
  • Moist wound
  • Long wear time and minimal patient trauma.
  • Good control on exudates and high fluid handing capacity.
  • Cost effective


Order Information

Product No. Color Size Pcs / Pouch
28O-04-06 Skin 4cm × 6cm Oval shape 1
28O-04-06 Skin 4cm × 6cm Rectangle shape 1
28O-75-75 Skin 7.5cm × 7.5cm Rectangle shape 1
28O-10-10 Skin 10cm × 10cm Square shape 1
28O-10-20 Skin 10cm × 20cm Rectangle shape 1
28O-12-15 Skin 12cm × 15cm Rectangle shape 1
28O-15-15 Skin 15cm × 15cm Square shape 1
28O-15-20 Skin 15cm × 20cm Rectangle shape 1
28O-13-20 Skin 13cm × 20cm heel use 1




Applicatiion For Siliocon Foam Dressing

Applicatiion For Siliocon Foam Dressing