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Silk Surgical Tape

With a firm dedication towards delivering the unrivaled quality, we present a wide range of Silk Surgical Tape to our customers. The quality on offer is unmatched as we take special care of quality by complying it with the highest grades of quality set by the industry. We also deliver at your doorstep at your ease owing to our first-rate distribution system for pocket friendly rates.


Product Features

  • Two Perpendicular way and easy to rip. It can promote the efficiency of surgically wrapping and fixing.
  • Soft and Comfortable -  The soft silk cloth can tightly stick on the skin, so that can wrap or fix exactly.
  • High Ventilation -  Coated by super-thin non-woven cloth and super-thin adhesive. The tape is distributed spiracles to ventilate.
  • Low Irritable -  Made by low-irritable Acrylic Based. Comfortable and won't irritate your skin.
  • High Adhesion -  Designed for medical treatment. Available for wrapping and fixing.
  • Guaranteed Quality -  Guaranteed by TUV, ISO 13485, CE Mark, GMP, FDA


  • Firm -  Available for the joints or the ligament with the splint.
  • To Fix the Cotton Spacer and the Dressing -  Available for wrapping or fixing normal cotton spacer and the dressing.
  • To Fix the Syringe Needle of the Intravenous Drip -  Available for fixing normal syringe needle and infusion tube.
  • To Wrap and stick -  For medical treatment, it's the most common tape for fixing.


Product No. Color Size Size Roll / Case Case / Box
18-12-9 White/Skin 12.5mm x 9.1m 1/2inch/ x 10Yd 24 10
18-25-9 White/Skin 25mm x 9.1m 1inch/ x 10Yd 12 10
18-50-9 White/Skin 50mm x 9.1m 2inch/ x 10Yd 6 10
18-75-9 White/Skin 75mm x 9.1m 3inch/ x 10Yd 4 10
18-100-9 White/Skin 100mm x 9.1m 4inch/ x 10Yd 3 10
18-12-4.5 White/Skin 12.5mm x 4.5m 1/2inch/ x 10Yd 24 10
18-25-4.5 White/Skin 25mm x 4.5m 1inch/ x 10Yd 12 10
18-50-4.5 White/Skin 50mm x 4.5m 2inch/ x 10Yd 6 10
18-75-4.5 White/Skin 75mm x 4.5m 3inch/ x 10Yd 4 10
18-100-4.5 White/Skin 100mm x 4.5m 4inch/ x 10Yd 3 10